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Trading : Online Trading India, Internet Trading, Net Trading, e-TradingAccording to the World Bank, India was already the fourth largest economy in 2001 in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. With a consistently high GDP, and a buoyant and dynamic economy, India continues to outpace other economies in the region. According to the IMF, India has accounted for around a fifth of Asian growth and a tenth of world growth over the past two years.

Indian companies are making their mark globally with remarkable progress being made in IT, ITES, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and a host of other sectors. There is reason enough to believe that these sectors will source the stock markets as a prospective avenue to source capital for expansion plans.

India has a vibrant domestic credit market with an active corporate and government bond market, How to Invest Online interest rate and credit derivative markets. More importantly, the interest rates in India are determined by the market.

The Bombay Stock Exchange, founded in the 1870s, is the oldest stockexchange in Asia. With 6,000 companies listed from every imaginable industry, investors have a plethora of options to participate in India’s growth. Most FII’S have started investing heavily in the Indian stock markets and with most industries giving healthy returns on investments, indications are that the markets will continue to perform above expectations.

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