Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 7

The final version of Windows 7 has just been launched. In this article I will give you top 8 reasons why you need to upgrade to Windows 7 from now on. Windows 7 has received lots of praises from critics so far. This time I’m sure it will not follow less popular OS path (Read:Vista) anymore. Windows 7 is offered in six variants (versions) to better meet different customers needs. For you that worry about Windows 7 system requirement, it’s actually similar to those of Windows Vista released three years ago. So, if you can run Windows Vista smoothly there’s no need to upgrade your rig anymore. Here are the top 8 reasons:

Friendly User Account Control (UAC)
Though UAC can help users to avoid from virus infections and spyware intrusions but UAC in Vista is way too talkative (annoying) till I had to turn it off. In Windows 7, this new modified UAC is more friendly and not so intrusive again.

Better Compatibility
Remember the day back on Vista in which you could not use your old hardware and software due to late or no drivers support. This problem will not occur anymore, dx11 feature level 10 download Windows 7 is now fully compatible with large numbers of past hardware and software. You can even run virtual Windows XP mode to run your very old XP software. You won’t know the difference because programs running in virtual mode look and feel just like normal Windows 7 applications; no separate OS windows are necessary.

Windows 7 Taskbar: Superbar
This enhanced taskbar is designed to increase work productivity. The taskbar will not just preview the running application or folder, but you can also directly click on files from the preview. Let this below image explains better.

New Aero Features
You will find three new Aero in Windows 7:
Aero Peek – To see what’s on the desktop below all multiple open Windows. No need to minimize all of them anymore!
Aero Snap – Quickly maximize and dock windows to the sides of your desktop in order to get a perfect side by side setup.
Aero Shake – Minimize all open windows, save one by “shaking” the current window with your mouse or finger. The window you shake stays open while everything else minimizes.

Removal of Windows Components
In Vista or XP, you can’t remove the applications that comes directly with the OS like: Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player etc. Many users prefer to use 3rd party software that offer better and has more features as well. But in Windows 7, Microsoft finally allows us to easily uninstall built-in applications that are no longer needed. This can save space consumption.

Efficient Power Consumption
Windows 7 will better support netbook and laptop. It reduces power consumption by 15% to improve your battery life. It also detects whether battery work properly or not in better ways.

Windows Multi Touch
Use your fingers to play games, listen to favorite songs, browsing Internet just like you do on your iPhone.

DirectX 11 Support
Good news for PC gamers. This latest DirectX will bring even better games both in visual and performance aspect. It has been claimed that DX11 will render more efficiently hence leads to higher frame rates. For additional info, current gaming consoles aka PS3 and X360 are still using DirectX 9 format.

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