How to Use Google Play Music on IOS Devices

Google Music was launched back in 2011 and has been re-branded as Google Play Music in 2012. It has just started its all new streaming service just a couple of months back, known as the Google Play Music All Access. Upon the launch of All Access, it has successfully became an instant hit and gained popularity across both the web and Android users.

Who’s missing out on this then? Yes, I can hear you! It’s the iOS users who used to have a slice of everything that’s out for launch in the market. But still, the main problem continues to persist. How can one actually use it on their iOS devices? This article has been prepared to guide you through it.

SOLUTION 1: Web Player for iOS

Step 1: Launch Safari and visit

Step 2: If you don’t have a current account with Google, play store download for pc you can always register for free. Alternatively, log-in with your Google’s account.

Step 3: Once signed-in, it will take a while for all the songs (if any saved in your local library) to be synced to your device.

Step 4 (Optional): If you have subscribed to All Access, there’ll be up to 18 million of tracks available for streaming. You definitely won’t be deprived of your music.

SOLUTION 2: Music app for iOS

The much anticipated Google Play Music app for iOS is finally here! In fact, fresh out of the oven on the 15th of November. Even though it’s lacking in the distinctive feature of being able to purchase music, you can still upload and store up to 20,000 tracks on Google Play Music. You will also have a month’s free trial with All Access. Isn’t that good news! Download the app right here.

SOLUTION 3: Download from Google Play Music and Transfer to your iOS devices

In comparison with the two solutions suggested above, this 3rd one will be able to offer you much more flexibility. You can playback or listen to all of the music on Google Play Music offline, including from All Access without having to worry about the Internet’s connection. All you need is a piece of software on your Mac that’s recommended to download from Google Play Music. After that, you can easily import or transfer it to your iOS devices for offline access.

The Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac can help you to download music from most of the popular online sites, including Google Play Music All Access, Spotify, Pandora and much more. You can also conveniently choose from the presets available to either save your downloaded music into either an MP3 or M4A file type to suit your iOS model.

On the other hand, SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder allows you to record music and save it into an WAV or MP3 file. It can basically record most audio that’s playable on your PC. Similar to AllMyMusic, SoundTap is suitable for installation on both Windows and Mac operating system. If you are looking for some basic editing functions with the option to record your music, Audacity’s the deal.

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