How To Teach A Dog To Speak In Just Days!

Ever wonder how to teach dog to speak? After reading this you should know how to teach dog to speak in no time at all. It only took me a few days to teach my dog this. But repetition is key to your dogs success at this, so make sure that you will be able to practice this frequently over the next few days. OK so lets go over exactly what you must do in order to learn how to teach dog to speak. First off, if you have a room in your house that is quiet, I would have to recommend that you train your dog there. Clear out anything that could be distracting to your dog, you want him paying attention to you and not anything or anyone else.

When learning how to teach dog to speak, go find a treat that is small enough that he wont get full on quickly. Or you could also use a toy, Copper kettle┬ábut it all depends wither or not your dog is food motivated or toy motivated. But lets just say you use a treat. Your going to have to tease the dog with the treat, hold it over his head while doing this. At the same time, tell him “talk.” Be sure to do this until he starts to bark or whine. Immediately then your going to give him that treat. You want him to know that when you say talk, it is a good thing, after all your dog is getting that treat. That is all there really is to learning how to teach dog to speak.

You want the dog to associate his own barks with you saying talk. But always do so in a positive way or he will not do this. I also put a link to a great video on a dog training lesson at the bottom. You may just find it helpful with learning how to teach dog to speak as well, feel free to check it out.

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