Fixed Height Basketball Hoops and Goals For Playgrounds

There are several models of fixed height basketball hoops for playgrounds on the market. You want to get something that will be very durable, since it will need to last for a considerable amount of time and there will be a lot of people using it. You’ll also want to consider the location and age of your players. Here are some examples of high quality basketball hoops you might want to consider:

When you want a large, very rigid basketball hoop system for a playground, the Tyrant is worth considering. This system has a very impressive galvanized post measuring 6 5/8″ in diameter with a 72″ overhang. The Tyrant is rightly considered the leading playground basketball system in the United States.

The Tyrant’s backboard is easy to install, due to the nose cone that is incorporated into the design. The need for lifting the backboard is minimized when this indestructible fixed height basketball hoop is being installed. As an added safety feature, backboard and pole padding is available for the Tyrant system basketball legends .

Another option when it comes to fixed height basketball hoops for playgrounds is the RuffNeck. This model provides users with an exceptional level of durability and an affordable price. It is constructed from 4 1/2″ galvanized schedule 40 tubing. With the RuffNeck, the basketball rim can be mounted through the backboard and into the post. This technique eliminates stress on the backboard. Two tubular braces are attached to the neck of the post, and a nose cone is provided to help with the installation. Several different kinds of backboards and rims are compatible with the RuffNeck fixed basketball hoop system.

In some situations, you want to have a sturdy basketball hoop system that has some added flexibility. The Renegade is the model you should be considering in that case. The Renegade’s pole is constructed from 4 1/2″ O.D. galvanized schedule 40 tubing. It needs to be buried 48″ into the concrete of the playground. To seal out moisture, a vinyl cap has been provided. Choose the style of rim and backboard you would like to customize the Renegade package to suit your needs.

The Legend is another good choice when you are looking for fixed height basketball hoops for playgrounds. This very durable unit is constructed from 6″ x 6″, 3/16″ thick steel tubing and is designed to take the punishment from even the most rugged playgrounds. You do have the option of changing the height of the basketball rim by loosening the bolts from the extension arm and repositioning it at another spot on the post. Several backboards and rims are compatible with the Legend, so you can get the right combination for the skill level of the players involved and their ages.

There are a number of different fixed height basketball hoops for playgrounds available. You can get a unit that will be very durable and at a price that makes good budget sense. Buying a good quality product means that it will last for a number of years.

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