Choosing the Best Refrigerated Freight Service

Refrigerated freight refers to the kind of shipment where the goods in transit are kept under constant low temperatures to ensure that they reach their destination while still fresh. The containers used for transporting normally have a refrigerator machine attached to them that ensure that temperatures are kept at a constant minimum for the goods to stay fresh. This kind of freight mainly deals with perishable goods that need to reach their destination as fast as possible while they are still fresh. They include fresh vegetables, flowers, fruits, meat and fish among others. Any inconsistency or fluctuations in the temperatures will mean that the goods will go stale and not be fit for human consumption. At a glance, all the refrigerated freight services may look similar. This calls for a deep understanding of refrigerated freight before choosing the best one. The following are some of the factors to be considered;

First, customer satisfaction is the greatest determining factor when dealing with refrigerated freight services. An individual has to know  the track record of a certain refrigerated freight company. The company should have a sound record of satisfying customers even under difficult conditions. The company should be able to go the extra mile in order to satisfy the business needs of the customers. For instance, if there is a supply shortage of a certain perishable commodity and the refrigerated truck was not destined to arrive the following day, a good company would go out of the way and speed up the transport process to that destination. This would ensure that the customer stays satisfied as he would have sold the goods at the right time before the shortages become chronic.

Price is also an influencing factor in choosing the best refrigerated freight service provider. Some companies are known for introducing fees that were not part of the agreement after the goods have been delivered. For instance, some refrigerated freight service companies require the driver to offload all the goods at their destination but do not follow up to see if it is done. They include an offloading fee for the goods which is of less concern to them after the goods have been delivered. For instance, it would be a waste of money to pay the offloading fees to the transporting company only to deliver the goods to a fully staffed warehouse. This means that the goods will be offloaded by the staff at the warehouse while the offloading fees would have been paid to the transporting company which turns out to be a waste. Therefore, affordability is one factor that has to be considered with much weight.

Flexibility in the delivery schedule is also a factor that has to be considered before settling for the best refrigerated freight service. The company should be flexible in its delivery schedule and avoid having tight schedules. For instance, if the goods were to be delivered on a certain date and an urgent need arises which requires the goods to be delivered much earlier than earlier agreed upon; the freight company should consider this in order to satisfy the customer.

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