Chain Dog Collars – A How To

Chain collars are an effective way to prevent your dog from pulling on its leash. They are known by a variety of names, including the choke chain.

The online market, along with just about all pet supply shops, are where a bewildering array of dog collars can be found; this includes the chain collar. Your choice really depends on preference but there are very few other collars that have the same effect on a pulling dog.

A pulling dog is a dog that lacks training. Copper kettle┬áRegardless of the size or the breed, they can all be taught and trained not to pull. If you don’t want to put in the effort and a pulling dog doesn’t bother you, then by no means should you purchase a chain collar.

Training a dog takes patience, constant repetition and some knowledge. The knowledge can come from any number of sources: your vet, a dog trainer, the Internet, books, just to name a few. While most dog collars slip easily over a dog’s head, chain collars takes some getting used to. The key is in how you loop one end of the chain into the other (with the use of the closed loops at either end) – if done incorrectly, your dog will be in constant choke chain mode instead of the choke and release the collar was designed for. If you have a dog that will stand the fiddling to get it right, you can practice on him/her. If this method is not feasible, you can always practice on yourself by wrapping the chain around your arm or wrist. As long as one part of the chain hangs loosely at one end and tightens and loosens easily, you have put it on correctly.

Once you have mastered how to put the chain collar on your dog, you are ready to begin the all important training and practice [with your dog] to prevent him/her from pulling while on a leash. As both you and your dog become accustomed to how the chain collar works, you will be pleased to see the pulling diminish and/or stop altogether.

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