Caring For Your Tea Kettle

Due to the recent importance of the cast iron tea kettles, every tea lover must know how to clean and preserve his or her own kettles. Of course, no one wants to have a dirty and stained kettle in his or her house. Aside from it, to ensure the highest and optimum quality of the tea, nothing should ever alter the subtle yet promising flavor of the tea. Thus, a clean and pure tea kettle is needed. For this, here are some of the techniques for caring and cleaning the beloved cast iron tea kettles.

One of the most known ways of cleaning your tea kettle is by using diluted dishwashing soap. By this, you can remove unwanted stains and odors from your kettle. For those hard to reach areas, some owners prefer to use baby bottle cleaning brush, just to prevent scratches. copper tea kettle After cleaning, wash it with lukewarm water and store in a dry place. Always keep the storage area clean and dry as moisture from air may expose the cast iron tea kettle in corrosion.

If ever the cast iron tea kettle already has some rust, a simple damp cotton cloth with salt and olive oil will do. Rub the cloth in the rusted area and the unwanted elements of corrosion will be removed from the kettle.

Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world. Being discovered and cultivated in mainland China, the spread of this well adored drink around the world started in 1800s and the rest is history. Due to its popularity, the humble vessel that holds the tea itself also engaged in the whirlwind of evolution and is now known as the “teapot.”

Different kinds of teapots have been developed from around the globe. Region by region, you will see different variations of materials used for this important container. In the East, most people use teapots made from porcelain, while here in the West, most of our teapots are made from cast iron.

Although used just for brewing tea, this cast iron tea kettle now has more elaborate and different functions. It can be used as an ornament of the house, a status quo, and even the center piece of your tea party. From the simple kettle, it has radically extended its nature to a whole new and vast different thing.

Being exquisite, these tea kettles are always designed– either in traditional and modern way. With its unique modification-no one will ever remove their eyes from it. These simple kettles will be a “conversation starters,” not because of its functionality, but due to its aesthetics and appearance.

Having this cast iron tea kettle in the house is a perfect way of celebrating the beverage itself. It can promote tranquility, serenity, and equanimity to every tea drinker. Aside from these, the elegance and sophistication of these humble tea kettles is the perfect display of peace and quiet in and out of the house.

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